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Complaints and details should be in writing and sent to the Association email address (  The following procedures will be followed: 

  • Complainants are requested to provide a clear description and nature of the complaint and supporting documentation as available.

  • Complainants will be notified that the complaint has been received by the Board and when it will be addressed.   

  • The Board will address the complaint at the next scheduled Board meeting. If additional time is required for the board to make a decision, i.e. additional information is required, complainants will be notified. 

  • Complainants will receive, in writing, a response to their complaint that outlines the Board’s decision within 10 days of the meeting. 

  • Members disputing the suspension or dismissal from a Board position or a regular membership of the Association, or a complaint decision made by the Board, have the right to appeal to the general membership in writing within 10 days of being notified.

  • A special meeting of all members will be called within 30 days of the suspension or dismissal to consider such an appeal. 

  • Registered members present will be allowed to vote. Each member is permitted one vote.  At least fifty percent plus one of registered members present will be required to carry the vote.

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